Voted Best 'Nursery in Dubai’ 2016 and 2018


Core Values

Academic excellence

At Toddler Town British Nursery we hold high expectations for all, implementing high academic standards and support for pupils in realising their full potential, by igniting intellectual curiosity and by inculcating in students a love of learning.

Pastoral care

We want our children to be happy in nursery and to thrive in our care. We believe in high quality bespoke pastoral support, which recognises each child as an individual with unique needs. Our low pupil to adult ratios mean we get to know our pupils and their families well and so are better placed to support them.

Extra-curricular opportunity

There is much more to Toddler Town than curricular-fun! We foster and embrace holistic development. There is a strong emphasis on sport, music, drama and art. All of our babiesand children benefit from a high quality and diverse program of clubs, societies and extra-curricular opportunities. It is through extra-curricular activity that pupils keep their academic work in perspective - despite this generally being play orientated, children are encouraged to develop hobbies and gain teamwork and interpersonal skills.


At all stages of the educational journey, Toddler Town children learn from both their teachers and their peers. We strive to create a talented yet diverse pupil community where children thrive in each other’s company and appreciate different perspectives. We create a friendly and open environment that, rather than breaking down ethnic barriers, prevents them being built.

Quality Staff

Excellent teachers are an essential ingredient for an outstanding nursery. Toddler Town is fortunate to have the resources to recruit and retain first class teachers who can bring the best out of each and every child. TTBN invests heavily in the development of its staff and sets high professional expectations.