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Enrichment and Extra-Curricular

At Toddler Town British Nursery, we strive to provide children with a wide array of curricular as well as extra-curricular activities to supplement the depvery of the EYFS Curriculum, to expand their horizons and to lay the foundations for a varied skill set from a very young age.
We employ full-time Arabic, French, Swimming and Music & Dance teachers as part of our in-house team, and provide the following activities as part of our curriculum:  (at no extra cost)


Dance and Music – Music and dance at Toddler Town is a great way to keep children active and healthy. Our music and dance teachers provide a range of activities that help to develop children’s expressive development as well as their physical skills. This is done through group activities focusing on movement and singing using a wide range of resources such as instruments, ribbons and much more.
Combining Dance and Music helps the children to learn and control their bodies, as their body and mind work in sync. The activities focus on developing the child's gross motor skills while helping them to communicate their feelings using a range of expressions.


Swimming, Aquatics Skills and Water Play - At Toddler Town, we try to lay the foundation for providing children with one of life’s most important skills - how to be safe and confident in the water. Learning basic water confidence is an important skill especially in Dubai as we are surrounded by many swimming pool areas and beaches.; With child friendly shallow pools just deep enough for our little swimmers to learn the basic skills they need to help develop their water confidence and motor skills, swimming is an important part of our curriculum. Swimming also helps to develop children’s overall physical development by strengthening muscles. Water confidence and aquatic skills can be learned from birth, starting with splashing songs, movement games, adding submerging, kicks, arm actions, blowing bubbles and jumping in the water as we grow and develop. We are delighted to be able to have our own in-house trained and certified swimming instructors who take the children into the pool. At Toddler Town Jumeirah, we also follow the Swim England Pre-School Framework, which has been developed incorporating the EYFS key learning areas, working towards Discovery Duckling, Duckling and Learn to swim awards. All children have a structured swimming lesson timetabled once per week.


We also encourage water play activities for children to develop their fine motor skills. We have many water play toys such as floating ducks, sea animals, jugs for pouring water and water wheels etc.


Kiddie Gym – This session is offered to all children by a specialized external company who visits Toddler Town once a week. The focus is on building strength, improving flexibility and confidence. Through stimulating programs, we support children's physical, cognitive and emotional development. We aim to encourage a child's natural adventurous spirit!


French and Arabic – French and Arabic sessions is a part of our curriculum and all children have at least 2 sessions a week of both French and Arabic


In addition to the above, we also offer many extra afternoon activities and are always looking to add to the list of extra-curricular fun:


Extra-Curricular Activities (Optional Afternoon Sessions)


Ballet – Ballet is a great activity for the children to take part in as it helps them to nurture confidence in themselves by performing for their friends in class. Although at this young age children will be enjoying more of the twirling fun in their tutu's, it also encourages them to enhance their focus as they need to watch and follow the teacher’s movements. Ballet is offered to children 2 years and over.


Kiddies Kitchen - Kiddie Kitchen is an early introduction to basic cooking and it gives your little ones a chance to experiment in the kitchen. They get involved in cooking and then take their creation home to eat and share! A safe, fun learning environment where they get to meet new friends. We use toddler-friendly knives to chop fruits and other various kitchen utensils for example sieve the flour, whisk the egg. Children will clean up after themselves by washing dishes, sweep the floor and wiping down the tables. We encourage the children to taste new ingredients and at the end of the session we taste what we have made.


Soccer – This session is provided by an external company that comes to the nursery twice a week for a 30-minute soccer session. Children will be learning and enhancing their physical development through kicking the ball, aiming and coordinating their balance, by kicking the ball into a goal, playing alongside other children and sharing a ball together Soccer sessions are for children 2 years and over only.


Taekwondo- We are pleased to be able to offer taekwondo session for the children. This is a much-loved activity by many children and parents. Taekwondo teaches the children about developing their strengths and coordinating their own balance. This magnificent martial art encourages children to enhance their self-esteem by developing their physical abilities. It allows the children to grow in confidence and develops the discipline of the body. These sessions are offered to children 2 years and over.


Basketball - – This session is provided by an external company qualified to be teaching the basics of basketball to toddlers and young children.


Extra Swimming Lessons - Additional private and group swimming classes for those who are interested are also available on weekday afternoon Saturday mornings


Extra French and Arabic Lessons –In addition to the regular curriculum sessions, we are delighted to also be offering our children extra lessons in the afternoons for parents who wish to further enhance their children’s language skills.