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Parent Testimonials

Mike & Flora

We have found our experience at Toddler Town to be very pleasant. The nursery is well equipped and well maintained. The staff are very kind and helpful. Our son (Pietro De Notaris) really likes his teachers and the company of his class mates. The after care program has also been excellent and extremely helpful. Pietro has learned a lot since enrolling in Jan 2013.

Date:May, 2014

Rachel Aanstoot

As a mum you search for a nursery that makes you feel good. You are trying to find a place were you can leave your baby knowing they will have fun, be safe and are smiling.

Toddler Town BN was that nursery for us and luckely they had a open space for my baby girl in The afternoons. Livia has been a happy girl for The last year, exactly what i was Hoping for and more:

Every teacher has been so sweet and caring, they know everybodies name and take care of them as if they are there own. Livia is now going to school 2.5 day at 2 years of age. Not because i am working but because she wants to!

Date:May, 2014


My son Shan has been at Toddler Town British Nursery from the day it opened its doors and has really enjoyed his 2.5years there.

Aside from being attracted to the excellent facilities, indoor and outdoor play grounds, swimming pool, sand & water play areas, tiny town,bike tracks etc, the nursery has a fabulous library, which my son simply loves. The weekly timetable was split between all the various activities allowing the children to learn through play and the various areas of the nursery rather than being confined to the class room and play ground.

In our two years there we had excellent teachers who really understood and identified with my child, who was initially a very shy and reserved boy however now his social skills, confidence and communication have had a marked improvement. He particularly enjoyed, books - circle time and reading, as well as weekly show & tell exercises, the teachers did a great job identifying his strengths and weaknesses and pushing him with new challenges.

Date:May, 2014

Louise Sleightholme

I loved Toddler Town from the first moment I stepped inside. It wasn't just the setting (although I adore the library with giant books, the numerous outdoor playgrounds, the soft play area for smaller kids, and the facilities in the classrooms), but mainly the warmth of the place. It felt like I was walking into a small nursery back at home in the UK, where staff really did seem to care, the kids walked in with big smiles on their faces every day, and ratios were kept small. In addition, it is so reassuring to be able to log on and see my son on CCTV whenever I miss him. I feel like we stumbled on a gem with this nursery - but the biggest recommendation comes from my 2-year-old, who shouts 'nursery! hooray!' whenever he spots his uniform in the morning!

Date:August, 2012


My little boy spend the Summer term at the nursery and WE both loved it. The staff were amazingly supportive and highly qualified. It was his first time at a nursery setting and despite the first few weeks of settling in he absolutely loved it and so happy going there every morning. This was due to the staff and their attention to detail and a clear understanding of my little boy and his needs (including mummy’s!). Wonderful place, wonderful staff and a wonderful experience for us. I would highly recomend TTBN to parents looking for a nursery that ticks all the boxes.

Date: August, 2012 - Source: EdArabia


We are very happy with our decision to enroll our son in TTNB. He loves it there!!! The facilities are excellent and the staff is super friendly and the teachers are great. They are very supportive of the children and they really care for the children which is very important to me. My son comes home happy every day from the nursery and explains about all the fun things they have been doing. We also receive weekly reports through the communication books so that we can see all the things they have been doing and this is illustrated with pictures. Although he does not speak English yet he still manages to understand what is going on in the nursery because they use pictures, gestures and illustrations to help the children where English is not their first language. Compared to where we come from this nursery is absolutely fantastic, and we have high standards back home also. So I can really recommend this place. Our son has already been enrolled in the September semester and we will enroll our daughter when she gets old enough.

Date: June, 2012 - Source: EdArabia


At first we as parents were concerned to sign up, because it is a brand new nursery in town. But now, 3 months later we are so happy with our choice as it is very much of a place we wished for our child. Our toddler is happy to leave for the nursery in the morning and comes home excited, often with some craftswork that they have done during the day. I like the fact that kids are rotating through diferent activity areas such as library, tiny town, outdoor water or sand play during the day. I also like the the planned schedulle for a day available for parents, which keeps me informed of the structure and learning goals. We can already see good things she learned at nursery (e.g covering her mouth to cough :)), new words and songs she attempts to demonstrate and more. I am pleased to recommend this nursery without reservation. Please keep it up TTBN!

Date: June, 2012 - Source: EdArabia


Having looked at numerous nurseries in Dubai, we were thrilled when Toddler Town opened in JBR. No nursery here even comes close to the amenities, teachers and education offered at TTBN, my husband and I are thrilled to bits with it. My daughter is thriving at the nursery and adores her teacher who has worked very close with us in addressing her settling in, behaviour and progress throughout the term. We love that we have a weekly report of what our child has been doing and the progress she is making, we feel that the nursery really keeps us informed. The outdoor play areas are fantastic, the sandpit and swimming area’s are a fabulous addition to a nursery. The indoor play area ‘Tiny Town’ and the soft play part are brilliant especially during the hot summer weather. My daughter loves the library which is well equipped. I’m really pleased with how clean the nursery is kept, how well it has been designed and the good use of space. It’s very bright and welcoming and staff have been fantastic. My daughter will be enrolling again in September and joining in with this years summer camp. Highly recommend the nursery to all parents, it’s fabulous!

Date: June, 2012 - Source: EdArabia


Toddler town is excellent. The facilities are bright, clean, and colourful. It is thoughtfully furnished and equipped with a lot of great resources for kids. My 2.5 year old son really enjoys the library, computer section, the wading pool, and the playgrounds. He particularly likes “tiny town” which has a lot of toys for play-acting (e.g. cooking, the market, etc).

He also adores his teacher who is fantastic with the kids. The other helpers also seem very caring and conscientious.

We’ve been attending toddler town for three months and plan to enrol again!

Date: June, 2012 - Source: EdArabia