Summer Camp


10th July – 14th July: Olympic Games – Going for Gold

2016 is the year of the Olympics so we will be enjoying a fun week of sport activities. This week your little athletes will be engaging in Olympic related crafts, as well as having their very own competition day. They will also learn more about the host country.

Special Activity of the weekThursday 14th July Games Competition: Children will participate in different games and win small surprises. Parents are welcome to attend.


17th July – 21st July: Reaching for the Stars

To celebrate the week of the first moon landing, we will be heading into space to learn all about the planets. We will also be engaging in a week long activity to create our own footprints on the moon. It’s going to be out of this world!

Week long activity - Footprints on the moon activity

Special Activity of the weekThursday 21st July  Space visit: One room at the nursery will be converted into a fabulous space themed room, which children can visit for a more in-depth space experience !


24th July – 28th July: It’s a world of stories

What a great week for your little ones to turn into bookworms or budding authors! This week will be jam packed with stories, crafts, puppet shows and even a day to dress up as your favorite book character!

Special Activity of the weekTuesday 26th July  - Dress up day : Dress up as favorite story character and visit a special room decorated as a story land


31st July – 4th August: Camping with friends

Camping is fun all year round, but this week Toddler Town will be turning their very own library into a desert camping area for our little adventure seekers! They will enjoy lots of different activities this week related to camping and will even get to experience camping for a day. Don’t forget your PJ’s for our special camping activity.

Special Activity of the week - Wednesday 3rd August : Camping fun picnic in PJ’s


7th August – 11th August: Summer holidays

We’re all going on a summer holiday to Toddler Town! Come and join in the fun this week with lots of water, sand and craft times to keep those little fingers and toes entertained while the sun is heating up in Dubai!

Special Activity of the weekDates to be confirmed: Splash and party / Splash Pad visit/ Water play fun


14th August – 18th August: Thinking outside the box

Dust off your imagination and let your creative side go wild this week with our final topic of the summer, thinking outside the box! This week we will have lots of fun with boxes, craft materials and anything else we can find in the nursery to create our very own masterpieces. They will then be on display in the library on the last day of the week!

Special Activity of the weekThursday 18th August :  ‘Thinking outside the box’ masterpiece display. Exhibition will be open for parents in the library