At Toddler Town, we accept children from 3 months to 4 years. Age variation within any specific class is usually no more than 8 months between the youngest and oldest child in the class. Broadly speaking, the age categories are mentioned below.


Our baby classes have a full capacity of nine infants that has a ratio of 1:3 in the youngest age groups, and 1:3 for older babies, ensuring that your baby will flourish in our loving home-away-from-home environment that encourages exploration and investigation through play.

The Baby Room follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which includes a wide variety of experiences, opportunities and activities to promote development. Your classroom teacher takes regular observations of the baby’s achievements, enabling them to form plans based on the baby’s likes and dislikes. These observations are then recorded in the baby’s record of achievements.
The babies have the opportunity to go around our school play areas, offering varied experiences. The baby unit is fortunate to have excellent equipment including a specialist buggy, which enables your infant to participate in walks within the local environment, ensuring fresh air and stimulation.

Once they are confidently toddling and their teacher identifies the need for progression, through collaboration with the parents, the student will be moved up into the Toddler class at the earliest available opportunity.
Although we have planned activities in the Baby Unit / Class, the routine is much more flexible and works in partnership with parents ensuring consistency of care is provided at nursery in the same application and routine followed at home.


Children begin in toddler class dependent on the individual abilities and learning readiness of the unique child. All our toddler class teachers develop comprehensive planning experiences based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Throughout the day, the children have the opportunity to play with a variety of physical, manipulative, creative and messy play activities. Staff will also be involved in focused activities as part of the Birth to Three Framework.

The EYFS values and celebrates the care and education for children and babies from birth to five years by recognizing them as skillful and competent learners, the principles of EYFS affirm our child-centered approach and highlight the importance of relationships which are all accounted for in our Toddler Classes!


Two-year-olds are beginning to develop social skills, develop their vocabulary, and test their independence. To develop these skills, our curriculum embraces small group experiences, which recognize the special needs of each child. The children have many opportunities to explore and learn about the environment. Toilet training, dealing with frustration, encouraging self-help skills and providing successful age-appropriate experiences to enhance the child’s personal, social and emotional development are introduced.

Nursery classroom staff are highly trained and well qualified. They work in close liaison with the Early Years staff in the Foundation stage department ensuring smooth transitions for the children moving up to their next educational journey!


Our Foundation classes set the standards for the learning, development and care for children from their third birthday, in order to prepare them for the transition into big school.

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