Toddlers are very active when they are in pre-schools. They engage in different activities, they play a lot with their friends and thus, they need a lot of energy. Hence, the lunchbox plays a vital role in their nourishment and energy levels during the nursery day.

It is crucial to fill up their lunchbox with the right mix of nutrients that they need. These healthy preschool lunches give them a balanced diet and the extra goodness of vitamins. However, dealing with their moods and taste buds, packing a healthy lunchbox can be a tiresome task for parents.


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What is a good healthy lunch for school?
An ideal lunchbox for pre-schoolers is one that focuses on necessary dietary supplements rather than candy bars or biscuits. It should contain fruits and food from each of the five main groups. It should include immunity boosting food for kids.


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Here are some ideas for healthy preschool lunchbox

  • The base ingredients can be – vegetables, bread, cereals, fruits, dairy, proteins
  • Carrot and cucumber sticks with a hummus or cheese dip – fun to look at and fun to eat it
  • A wholemeal sandwich or wrap – who doesn’t love a wrap, right? Just use their filling of choice such as chicken, tuna, avocado etc
  • Low-fat yoghurt with fresh fruit to avoid unnecessary sweetness
  • Healthy savoury muffins or sweet wholemeal muffins
  • Whole wheat sandwich roll-ups or pinwheel sandwiches with filling of choice
  • Rice crackers with cream cheese and vegetables

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and restrictive! Play with the shapes and colours when it comes to wholesome foods for your kids. Try a variety of healthy foods at home before packing it in the lunchbox.

Benefits of healthy eating in early childhood
While healthy eating is required in all stages of life, it is even more critical for young children’s physical as well as mental growth and development.

  • Providing the kids with an abundant supply of nutrients and vitamins will boost their immunity
  • Fruits and complex carbohydrates drive the energy levels in kids and increase stamina throughout the day. However ensure to also include protein and healthy fats as essentials in their diet.
  • Try and include fruits and vegetables of rainbow colours in children’s diet – not only is this a good recipe for building immunity and ensuring a varied diet, but it also keeps it interesting for the children to eat the food too
  • Healthy eating habits are the backbone of the holistic growth of children

Parents must encourage healthy eating habits in their kids from early childhood. However preschools play a major part in this too. Toddler Town, a British nursery in Dubai stands for the wholesome growth of children.

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