Child, Enrich Thyself!

One of our goals for your child is holistic development. Supplementing the EYFS curriculum is a wide range of activities that enrich a child’s understanding and abilities. Full-time teachers provide the following activities as part of our curriculum at no extra cost to you:
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Afternoon activities (optional)

In addition, we also offer extra afternoon activities . We are always looking to add to the list of extra-curricular fun:


Children enjoy the twirling fun in their tutus, but ballet also develops motor skills and enhances their focus as they follow the teacher’s movements.


Kiddie Kitchen

Get ready for new gourmet! Children get involved in cooking and take their creation home to eat and share. They get to taste new food, learn to clean up, sweep the floor, and wipe down tables.



A specialist company teaches the world’s most popular field sport and enhances physical abilities, coordination and teamwork in your child.



This much-loved martial art teaches strength development, coordinated balance, discipline, and self-esteem.



A specialist company teaches the basics of this high-energy game to toddlers and young children, enhancing their physical and team abilities.


Extra swimming lessons

Additional private and group swimming classes for those who are interested are also available on weekday afternoons and Saturdays.


Extra French and Arabic lessons

Extra lessons are available in the afternoons for parents who wish to further enhance their children’s language skills.