Our philosophy is that all children, with or without special needs, should have a positive experience and the opportunity to develop to their full potential alongside their peers. That is the very essence of an inclusive practice.

We are committed to the integration of children with disabilities or additional needs into the nursery environment. Integration is achieved by assessing each child’s needs in terms of access and adapting our facilities as appropriate wherever possible. Many members of our staff are qualified and experienced in caring for children with special education needs. We have a dedicated People of Determination Coordinator (PDCo or SENCo) who receives regular training, and works together with parents/carers as partners to give day-to-day care.

If a child requires additional support in classes and the resource is unavailable, we will arrange a meeting for the parents with the Principal. They discuss how we can ensure progression and inclusion collaboratively. This could mean special arrangements such as a professional shadow teacher or support within the classroom.

We also ensure that children themselves practise inclusion. They learn to treat one another with respect and participate in activities together.

Special arrangements may require additional fees. Check with us. When outings are being planned, a risk assessment is made for children with disabilities, and wherever possible, additional needs are accommodated and included.

Equal opportunities

Children of all cultures, religions, linguistic backgrounds and abilities are treated as individuals with equal concern. That’s our way to make every child feel equally valued. Teachers and staff members are trained to encourage each child’s self-esteem and respect for others.

Here are some of the ways we achieve that goal:

  • Setting suitable learning challenges
  • Providing a wide range of activities and resources
  • Ensuring all areas of the nursery are easily accessible or have room to make arrangements
  • Ensuring staff members are welcoming and trained to work with children of all abilities
  • Respecting and including all cultures, religions, beliefs, language, nationalities, values, and genders.
  • Forming positive relationships with children and parents
  • Observing and assessing developing or existing needs
  • Responding to children’s diverse learning needs
  • Please refer to our Inclusion Policy for more details.

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