Learning Methods Scientifically Distinctive

In the happy atmosphere of Toddler Town, learning is fun! But behind it all, there is a well thought out, researched and proven concept and method:

Evidence-based delivery

We pride ourselves on our excellent delivery and recording of the EYFS curriculum. But we realize it’s important to a parent to not merely have a relationship with their child’s nursery, but also know what their child is doing. So we have built our systems around that need:
Outside every classroom, parents will be able to see the weekly planning with links to their termly objectives in a clear format.
Our Curriculum Manager creates a Parents’Curriculum guide annually which is distributed to all parents, which allows parents to have advance knowledge about the weekly topics and gives ideas about activities linked to the weekly topics which parents can do at home with the children to provide continuity of learning.
Our teachers also produce Progress Portfolios on each child which includes evidence of how each child is achieving each EYFS objective for their age group. This evidence is formed through many different ways such as written observations, photos, group observations, videos, voice recordings etc.
We follow the EYFS framework to record and track children’s learning in the following ways:
Initial assessment
The class teacher creates an initial baseline assessment report for each child after their first few weeks at the Nursery.
Teachers plan activities and the ‘next step’ in the child’s development. Each week, they summarize the plan in a weekly planning sheet, which they share with the parents.
Teachers assess each child’s learning journey regularly. Each assessment is recorded on the Daycare Channel App and maintained. That way, we can effectively track your child’s current learning vis-à-vis expected learning areas.