Managing Director’s Message

Ziham Moopen Managing Director

Ziham Moopen

Managing Director

A vision, translated


“Nurturing and shaping the earliest years of our future generations: There can be no task more important, fulfilling,
and rewarding.”

I always loved being around children. So it came naturally to me to want to convert that passion into a constructive
enterprise – One where I could put my heart and soul into children’s growth and all-round development. That’s how the idea
of Toddler Town British Nursery was born.

My vision for Toddler Town was twofold: First, to create a unique space which would inspire awe, wonderment and curiosity
in children—a space where children could let their imaginations run wild! In line with this aim, a lot of thought and effort
has gone into making Toddler Town an ideal environment where children make new and exciting discoveries each day in
every corner of the nursery.

Most nurseries in Dubai are housed in constructed villas, presenting a limitation on how they can utilize and customize the
space.We faced the opposite challenge when we planned our first branch in JBR as we stared at a vast but empty concrete
space. As we made our plan, I realized this challenge would turn out to be our biggest advantage.

Leadership Team

Sarika Singh Director of Operations

Sarika Singh

Director of Operations

‘Specially’ yours

Dear parent,

The first six years of a child’s life are significant for their brain development. I believe that every child is born with some special learning skills. Children observe, explore, imagine, imitate, and react to different experiences in their own special ways.

Here at Toddler Town, we provide children with a wide range of activities and resources for them to explore the best of their learning skills. We focus on play and experience-based learning for children under expert guidance.

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