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Jurgita (Louis’s and Amelie’s Mum)

As I proudly wave away to my little one who is off for his first day to school, in a little corner of my heart I wish he would be still heading to the sanctuary of Toddler Town, because this was the safest and happiest place for my children for the last four years. Being one of the first Toddler Town parents, I am so content that it is Toddler Town that made a history into my children’s life and albums.

Can you think of 97 questions an anxious mom can have on choosing nursery? I did. And I got them all answered, in writing. Yes, each of the 97 questions answered by Toddler Town at the time of signing up!

To me, this was one of the reassuring facts of the determination and lean ambition of Ms Ziham [Moopen, MD of Toddler Town]: to make Toddler Town the safest and the perfect nursery in town. This determination is felt through all the levels of the nursery establishment: the beautiful and safe set-up, facilities and their management, carefully selected staff, educational programme, toys, material and maintenance—just to mention a few.

I feel that those four years ago, it was Toddler Town that set a new standard for how a good nursery must be and keeps it up, and better.

I wish good luck to Toddler Town in the future. If you are looking for a great nursery, needless to say, I can recommend Toddler Town in a heartbeat.

Danielle (Gabrielle’s Mum)

I LOVE Toddler Town. I can’t fault it. I will literally cry tears when my son leaves at the end of June. He loves it there.

The activities and the way they break the sessions up and move the kids to different parts of the nursery are just great and I haven’t found anywhere as good in this regard. The care of the teachers is amazing. They also do some lovely sessions like Kiddie Gym, swimming, dance class, etc. I feel sooooo comfortable leaving him there. I know next to me they are the best at caring for him.

All children have a dedicated classroom and teacher. But at other nurseries, I found that the children spent the vast majority of their time inside one classroom. That didn’t suit my son. He needs a change of scenery for different activities rather than simply different activities in the same room or at the same table. He gets a bit of ‘cabin fever’. Having a separate places to visit such as the library, Small World, Tiny Town, and dress-up place, as well as different playgrounds, a soft play / sensory area, a huge sanded area, a bike track, and water play / swim area really mixes it up for him.

Anne Murray (Lilly’s Mum)

I am eternally grateful for the day I discovered Toddler Town Jumeirah. It is outstanding in so many ways, but for me there are two key elements that make it a home from home for my little girl who has been there since she was 11 months old and is now in her final year.

Firstly, the facilities are amazing, high-quality, well-thought-out and diverse. There is no possibility of boredom at Toddler Town, and learning and discovery opportunity lies around every corner. From two swimming pools to a discovery / sensory room, soft play, huge playground, and role-play areas, there are endless options to explore throughout the day and plenty of fresh air and outdoor time to be had.

But the main thing that makes toddler town so incredibly special is the people. My daughter loves her teachers and assistants like they are family, and they clearly adore her too, and aren’t afraid to show it. I can’t abide by nurseries with ‘no hugging’ policies. What toddler should go through a day without a hug?! Our children are treated as their own, and [Lilly] often doesn’t want to go home. If you want a structured, loving, fun and engaging environment for your children to grow up in, Toddler Town is definitely the place to go.

Meriam (Leith’s Mum)

My son is three and a half years old now and he started his journey at Toddler Town JBR when he was 14 months old. I remember I have spent one month looking for a nursery in Dubai Marina area. I think I visited around 15 nurseries! I knew that I wanted him to go to Toddler Town from the moment I stepped inside and am so happy he got the chance to attend such an amazing nursery.

At Toddler Town, our son and we as parents feel that we are part of a community, a big family that shares so many happy moments and unforgettable experiences. We know our son is safe and we have the peace of mind that you can’t have with any other establishment.

The Facilities at Toddler Town are outstanding with a huge outdoor playground, a sand play area, a small swimming pool and water play area, a library, and so much more. The classrooms are bright, colourful and welcoming, but most importantly, the staff is just amazing and unique. At Toddler Town, the people are very professional, always smiling, very kind, and they always show support, guidance and empathy … the list is very long ☺

If you are looking for a fantastic place where your child can happily evolve, don’t think twice—honestly, Toddler Town is the best!

Talha (Aiden’s Dad)

Toddler Town British Nursery is amazing. Our little one always comes home having learnt new things every day. After looking at countless nurseries we chose Toddler Town because of the atmosphere and interaction the teachers create for our little one. He enjoys it so much that he never wants to leave most of the time. Cannot thank the staff enough for looking after our little one and always finding new ways to make him enjoy his day of learning at nursery!

Naseera (Azhar’s and Iman’s Grandma)

My two grandchildren have attended the Jumeirah branch of Toddler Town for almost two years now, and both of them love it there. Whenever I go to pick them up, I am amazed by the facilities as well as the friendliness of all the staff. I have never seen a nursery as nice as this, in any of the countries I have lived in. The variety of facilities is simply outstanding and the amount of thought and detailing that has gone into every little thing is openly visible!

I’ve seen both children make amazing progress in every way during their time there—be it academic, social or personality development. The increase in their confidence is simply amazing.

They have just had the most wonderful and emotional graduation ceremony, and I’ll be really sad to see them leave Toddler Town.

Rasha (Dalida’s Mum)

When I first started searching for a good and well qualified nursery, I had all what Toddler Town offered on my mind. Toddler Town brings to my daughter education, fun and security at its best! The campus is amazing. I felt like a child when I first visited it!! Lots of activities for children: they can never be bored with swimming, dancing, cooking and playing. My daughter comes home everyday showing me what she has learnt that day.

It is a one-time experience for my daughter at this age and I’m so happy she is having this experience with Toddler Town. Thank you to each and every person doe making it a good one.

Lucinda (Charlie’s and Milla-Rose’s Mum)

Over the past three years, both my children Charlie and Milla-Rose have and are attending Toddler Town British Nursery. You as an organization have upheld your words to inspire, care and teach our children. Each staff member is admired for their dedication and professionalism. Toddler Town is a safe and wonderful environment. Each day I am so thankful to you as an organization and to know my children are attended the best nursery of Dubai. Can only say thank you with a big warm hug!


I wish Toddler Town would open a FS2 class, as I would like my daughter to stay in this lovely nurturing environment a bit longer. At Toddler Town you can trust that your child is getting the best of everything, from a well-planned curriculum and great teachers to amazing facilities. A 5-star nursery without a doubt.


My 3.5 years old had a speech delay issues and did Not say a word when he started at Toddler Town. In past 7-8 months they have done an amazing job with him and has put a lot of effort with both his behaviour and speech. He has started talking now and has learnt so much.

Nisha (Arzaan’s Mum)

Toddler Town has patient staff. My son goes there and loves it. There’s really nothing negative even if I think hard I won’t come up with anything … approachable, patient, plus with the CCTV you can see how your child is settling in. And they address your every concern, big or small. So nothing you say is going unheard.

Karen (Anastasia’s and Natalya’s Mum)

With our second child currently enrolled at Toddler Town (in JBR), our family has been with the nursery for nearly 5 years. We could not be more pleased and grateful for the continuity. Our eldest daughter thrived in Todder Town mainly due to the dedication of the Management and staff. Each year improvements are made to foster a fun and loving environment for the children and it shows at pick-up time – lots of smiling faces. We are thankful to Toddler Town for giving our children a safe and always fun-spirited second home.


Our experience at Toddler Town has so far been great! We are very happy and always fascinated with the development of our twins, who are turning two soon. The fun they seem to at Toddler town seems to be difficult to replicate at home.

Ms Letitia has been marvellous and has shown so much care and attention since our little ones enrolled in her class, and continues to offer the same care and attention after they have settled in. As they are also exposed to three languages at home constantly, we are happy to see that at Toddler Town they have finally started to express themselves more and have more confidence using language. The facilities and systems at the nursery never fail to impress us. We are particularly appreciative of the cleanliness of the entire campus.

On the other hand, we would like to see more of the religious (Muslim) celebrations / occasions being celebrated the same way Christmas has been celebrated, which was beautiful. So we would equally appreciate effort to be made on Eid and perhaps Hijari New Year.

On another note, we would appreciate it if there were more emphasis on teaching the children how to self-feed and encourage them to eat food (we know it is difficult of course). Maybe a system for all the children to have the same food would help. Finally, it would be perfect if Toddler Town can consider providing a pick-up and drop-off service. But all in all, we can thank and definitely make a positive difference in our life.

Vidya (Anishka’s Mum)

I have waited a full year and six months before I write this review only because as a parent, I understand that as we leave our kids in the hands of caretakers, how critical it is for us that they are good, reliable and, most importantly, truly kind. I didn’t want this review to be just made after a couple of months of experience.

So my experience with Toddler Town British Nursery has been just pure joy. Right from the transition to nursery, settling in, special days, party days, the concert, to picnic days, to endless mentions of all my lil ones’ classmates, the ‘graduation day’, it’s truly been amazing. When you leave your child in Toddler Town, you really leave them with nurturers, individuals who only want the best for their kids. You truly feel they are extended arms of itself that discuss the good, work on the not-so-good, and develop their personalities amidst fun and learning. My daughter has woken up many, many Fridays, upset that she can’t go to Nursery…

All credits to the staff, the patient teacher, to the Principal, and also to the owner, who herself is so involved in every aspect that her effort amazes me. I am going to miss this place probably as much as my little one [will]!!! It’s been one amazing journey and I only wish the very best for this fabulous team.

Sarah (Ayaan’s Mum)

At first, I felt my son was too young to start nursery, and wanted to wait until he was two. However, with mixed emotions, I had him start at 18 months. My son settled in quickly and enjoys every aspect of Toddler Town, particularly the bike track and Tiny Town. The staff [members] are friendly and welcome the parents and kids at the door everyday, which is fantastic. They all care for the children and make them feel very comfortable and secure at the nursery. Toddler Town is terrific and has given my son a wonderful start to school life.

Tamara Hassan (Mia’s Mum)

I love Toddler Town. My son graduated from the JBR branch two years ago, and my daughter started last term. The teachers and all of the staff are friendly, attentive, and competent. I also like the activities they do for the children as well as the focus on languages (both French and Arabic).

Thank you Toddler Town and keep up the great work.

Pushpa (Laith’s Mom)

Dear Toddler Town JBR,
We love how you care
We love your warmth
We love coming to school
We love Toddler Town!

Alison (George’s Mum)

My baby boy started at Toddler Town British Nursery when he was just 10 months old. I was a VERY nervous Mum, but the kindness, warmth and tender care of the teachers within the Catepillars Class alongside the rest of the TT team quickly helped my nerves turn into to absolute trust. He quickly went from crying at drop off to reaching out for the teacher excited to start his morning—that says it all, really!

Yes, the facilities are excellent at Toddler Town, but for me, it’s the weekly planning and comprehensive timetables that make this a marvellous place for children to thrive. Every Thursday I look forward to seeing what our babies have in store for the following week and the ongoing activities are endless—from music, dance, French, Arabic, Sand Play, Water Play, Buggy Rides, and then of course the creative activities. My baby boy is now 15 months old and has already learnt his first word in French: Bonjour. He can sing Old McDonalds song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which is true testament to the marvellous learning environment he’s in each morning.

Another point to mention is that I feel very informed and in touch with what my child is doing every minute of the morning, from the class CCTV where I can look in to see how much fun he’s having, to the TT App that I have on my phone, where I receive a full update of my child’s day along with some gorgeous pics!

A great big thanks to Toddler Town for helping us give our baby boy the best start in life and for working with us to help him develop into a happy, healthy, well-rounded person!

Rachel (Livia’s Mum)

My daughter was nine months when she joined Toddler Town British Nursery. She has now graduated this year and will move to a ‘big’ school now. Yes, I will cry when it is her last day in nursery. Toddler Town is such a nice nursery with the kindest teachers and teaching assistants. When you walk in the receptionists are always friendly and welcome you. The calm, beautiful décor makes me happy every day. Thankfully, my son will still be in the nursery next year and after that my baby girl will also enjoy her nursery days at Toddler Town. I want to say thank you to the fabulous team for their work. See you next year!


GJust wanted to say what a wonderful show the school put on yesterday for graduation. It was emotional and really lovely.

I could not have been more proud of our daughter (and all the other kids). They did GREAT.

Our daughter has been so happy at Toddler Town (and therefore, so have we as parents). The school is a safe, fun, loving, stimulating environment.

I have been so impressed with the attention that she has been given, the opportunities too—and in particular, Ms. Sarika, I have valued her attention and concern with safety greatly. All of the teachers and TAs have been wonderful.

Silvia (Claudio’s Mum)

I would like to express our satisfaction about the first year at Toddler Town British Nursery. For me and my son, it was an important step and I have to say that I haven’t ever been afraid or worried about anything. The nursery, the teacher (Ms. Katie) and the staff are great. I am glad to see how my son, Claudio, is happy every day when he goes to nursery. I see the good work they are doing with him—for instance, learning how to use the spoon or encouraging him to walk. He is now a very confident and happy baby and I think it is also thanks to Toddler Town.

Marina (Luca’s Mum)

We are so happy our son has had two wonderful years at Toddler Town British Nursery. And a little bit sad that we are to move to a big school next year. Our special thanks to our best ever teachers Ms. Sheradian and Ms. Eunice, assistants Ms. Anna and Ms. Shirley, Ms. Sarika, Ms. Rachael and Ms. Anna, and all the other wonderful staff members who are so enthusiastic about their job. We’ll miss you so much next year.


Toddler Town British Nursery is the best nursery in town. They are clean, friendly, all of the teachers are well certified and they are so good. Everyone is saying the same. If I have another child I will definitely not look for another nursery other than Toddler Town. Love all the staff.

Simran (Kabir’s Mum)

Toddler Town British Nursery was the best decision that we have made for our son. He enjoys the nursery and looks forward to going every day; sometimes he wants to go on the weekends. Kabir is an outdoor child. The outdoor facilities are perfect for him; the sandpit deserves a special mention. Also, not to forget, that Toddler Town has the best-trained staff. Kabir is in safe hands.

Deepali (Khloe’s Mom)

The nursery is very good, we love the atmosphere around as it feels like a small family together trying to build learning and fun times. Thank you a lot for looking after our kids.

Tani (Luca’s Mum )

We are really happy that we’ve had an opportunity to go to Toddler Town. We’ve had wonderful teachers, a very well organized curriculum and a very welcoming and pleasant atmosphere around the nursery.

Diaa (Fateen’s and Mariam’s Mum)

Firstly, thank you for everything, my best Toddler Town British Nursery. It is a very nice and good academy and I am very happy because my kids are/were very happy here. The team is nice, the teachers are professional, and the education is good. This is the second experience for us. My first child, Fateen, attended and it was really amazing and now the second experience with my daughter Mariam I am also happy every day. I feel that my daughter has become good and now understands in Arabic and English. Thank you again.

Harsha (Vivan’s Mom)

We are very happy with Toddler Town Nursery. We are very pleased with all of the staff—Reception, teaching assistants, and especially the Principal. They always greet us with a smile and are very helpful.

The teachers are good too. My son is in Ms. Katie’s class and he loves her. She is really nice, very easy to approach and also very encouraging.

Maud (Zoey’s Mom)

We are absolutely delighted by Toddler Town’s facilities, staff, and overall experience. We feel Zoey has grown so much since she joined and when I drop her I wish could attend myself the nursery. Maybe an idea: Adult Nursery, it would be such a nice break from work.

Maha (Farida’s Mom)

To my favourite nursery ever: Farida fit in right away because simply you are home. Love you so much. Thank you.

Natalia (Celine’s Mom)

Please open a primary school! This is the best place for children and parents! Thank you for making us so welcome. It’s a pleasure for us every day.

Alysia Barsby

Toddler Town is amazing. I have had both of my boys at Toddler Town and would recommend it to anyone with children.

Daniyal’s Mom

Dear Toddler Town! Thank you so much for all your care, kindness, love and attention you gave to Daniyal. Your staff is the most professional and attentive. Thank you for all our colourful memories. Special thanks to our class Teachers, Ms Mary, Ms Joanne and Ms Michelle.

Prakriti (Aleisha’s Mom)

Aleisha has settled down so well here! This is like a second house to her. Thanks to Ms. Katie and her class assistants for being so wonderful!

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