Mission Statement

To provide the highest standards and quality of care and education to all children at Toddler Town, regardless of abilities, disabilities, race, or religion.

To value parent partnerships and to keep parents involved in their child’s nursery experiences by giving them continuous feedback about their child’s well-being and development.

To provide friendly, comfortable and safe environments, which children will find stimulating and challenging, and where enjoyment and fun are linked with discovery and learning.

To provide unique, innovative and exciting facilities that encourage curiosity and learning around every corner

To treat each child, parent, and nursery member as an individual, responding to each unique skill and ability with encouragement.

To instil confidence in children and to teach them to treat each other with positivity and respect.

To promote academic, personal, social, emotional, physical and creative abilities, allowing each unique child to reach their full potential in every way.

To recruit and retain highly qualified and caring teaching staff and to provide them with continuous professional development through training programmes.

Unique-Child-Individual Learing
Experiential Learning
Diverse environment