Recognizing and nurturing unique interests and abilities
Managing an environment that reflects warmth and safety
Consistency of care through creating routines which make children more comfortable and confident
Building a bond between child and teacher by building mutual trust and listening
Play-based problem-solving approach to learning
Low teacher-child ratio with plenty of one-on-one time. Our baby classes have a ratio of 1:2-1:3, toddler classes have a ratio of 1:4, nursery and pre-foundation have 1:6 and Foundation classes have a ratio of 1:7. (Dubai averages are 1:4, 1:5, 1:7 and 1:10 respectively)

Research overwhelmingly demonstrates that quality of teaching practice is one of the most significant influences on children’s learning. This means professional development is a vital component in enhancing the quality of teaching practice. Toddler Town holds regular workshop and training programmes for staff, administrators, parents, and others involved in early childhood development.