Nursery Manager’s Message


Rania Mardam-Bey

The practice of passion

Hi there!

A hearty welcome to Toddler Town’s website.

In the 15 years of my work with education, including managing several well-established nurseries in Dubai, I have been crystal-clear about one trait: Every child is a unique individual. That value has guided me well over the years, and I’m glad that this belief forms a core element of our vision at Toddler Town.

As a UAE expat who grew up in Kuwait and the US for 20 years before returning to Dubai 12 years ago with my children, I care deeply for diversity and that belief organically blends into the value system that guides how we guide the children at the nursery.

There are several ways that the practice of our cherished values translate into reality at Toddler Town. An example is having open lines of communication with parents at all times and always welcome your views, thoughts and ideas. Supporting the practice of our carefully nurtured vision is the ecosystem. I can easily vouch that we have some of the best facilities and the most highly trained and skilled staff in Dubai.

One way to describe me is as a passionate educator. But channeling that passion into practice is what makes it special. Come, visit us, and find out how we do it!

Thank you for your time, and warm regards.

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