Nursery Manager’s Message


Sarika Singh

Principal / Manager ( JBR Branch )

Specially’ yours

Dear parent,

While waiting for the results after completing my M.Sc. exams, I started a temporary job working at a school. That decision changed my life. Working with children made me realize the importance of providing children with a positive environment that impacts
their personalities and confidence for a lifetime.

Studying and practicing the Early Years Framework in the UK under Ofsted standard guidelines for six years added much to my passion for early-years education. The first six years of a child’s life are significant for their brain development. I believe that every
child is born with some special learning skills. Children observe, explore, imagine, imitate, and react to different experiences in their own special ways.

Working in Dubai and especially at Toddler Town is a great opportunity to create an environment for children where every child is respected, understood, and motivated. Of the 16 years of my experience working with children, I have spent nearly six years (as of
2020) at Toddler Town.

Aided by a very passionate and efficient teaching team, amazing facilities and a child-centric culture, I’m proud to have built and maintained parents’ trust in Toddler Town over the years. Many parents return every year for their little ones after an older child
has graduated. I feel very lucky to work at such a rewarding place where cute smiles and little hugs are the measurements of our daily achievements.

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