Prakriti, Aleisha’s Mom

Aleisha has settled down so well here! This is like a second house to her. Thanks to Ms Katie and her class assistants for being so wonderful!

Daniyal’s Mom

Dear Toddler Town! Thank you so much for all your care, kindness, love and attention you gave to Daniyal. Your staff is the most professional and attentive. Thank you for all our colourful memories. Special thanks to our class Teachers, Ms Mary, Ms Joanne and Ms Michelle.

Alysia Barsby

Toddler Town is amazing. I have had both of my boys at Toddler Town and would recommend it to anyone with children.

Natalia (Celine’s Mom)

Please open a primary school! This is the best place for children and parents! Thank you for making us so welcome. It’s a pleasure for us every day.

Maha (Farida’s Mom)

To my favourite nursery ever: Farida fit in right away because simply you are home. Love you so much. Thank you.

Maud (Zoey’s Mom)

We are absolutely delighted by Toddler Town’s facilities, staff, and overall experience. We feel Zoey has grown so much since she joined and when I drop her I wish could attend myself the nursery. Maybe an idea: Adult Nursery, it would be such a nice break from work.

Harsha (Vivan’s Mom)

We are very happy with Toddler Town Nursery. We are very pleased with all of the staff—Reception, teaching assistants, and especially the Principal. They always greet us with a smile and are very helpful.

The teachers are good too. My son is in Ms Katie’s class and he loves her. She is really nice, very easy to approach and also very encouraging.

Diaa (Fateen’s and Mariam’s Mum)

Firstly, thank you for everything, my best Toddler Town British Nursery. It is a very nice and good academy and I am very happy because my kids are/were very happy here. The team is nice, the teachers are professional, and the education is good. This is the second experience for us. My first child, Fateen, attended and it was really amazing and now the second experience with my daughter Mariam I am also happy every day. I feel that my daughter has become good and now understands in Arabic and English. Thank you again.

Tani (Luca’s Mom)

We are really happy that we’ve had an opportunity to go to Toddler Town. We’ve had wonderful teachers, a very well organized curriculum and a very welcoming and pleasant atmosphere around the nursery.

Deepali (Khloe’s Mom)

The nursery is very good, we love the atmosphere around as it feels like a small family together trying to build learning and fun times. Thank you a lot for looking after our kids.