What Parents Say

My son is three and a half years old now and he started his journey at Toddler Town JBR when he was 14 months old. I remember I have spent one month looking for a nursery in Dubai Marina area. I think I visited around 15 nurseries! I knew that I wanted him to go to Toddler Town from the moment I stepped inside and am so happy he got the chance to attend such an amazing nursery.

At Toddler Town, our son and we as parents feel that we are part of a community, a big family that shares so many happy moments and unforgettable experiences. We know our son is safe and we have the peace of mind that you can’t have with any other establishment.

The Facilities at Toddler Town are outstanding with a huge outdoor playground, a sand play area, a small swimming pool and water play area, a library, and so much more. The classrooms are bright, colourful and welcoming, but most importantly, the staff is just amazing and unique. At Toddler Town, the people are very professional, always smiling, very kind, and they always show support, guidance and empathy … the list is very long ☺

If you are looking for a fantastic place where your child can happily evolve, don’t think twice—honestly, Toddler Town is the best!

Meriam (Leith’s Mum)

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