What Parents Say

Our experience at Toddler Town has so far been great! We are very happy and always fascinated with the development of our twins, who are turning two soon. The fun they seem to at Toddler town seems to be difficult to replicate at home.

Ms Letitia has been marvellous and has shown so much care and attention since our little ones enrolled in her class, and continues to offer the same care and attention after they have settled in. As they are also exposed to three languages at home constantly, we are happy to see that at Toddler Town they have finally started to express themselves more and have more confidence using language. The facilities and systems at the nursery never fail to impress us. We are particularly appreciative of the cleanliness of the entire campus.

On the other hand, we would like to see more of the religious (Muslim) celebrations / occasions being celebrated the same way Christmas has been celebrated, which was beautiful. So we would equally appreciate effort to be made on Eid and perhaps Hijari New Year.

On another note, we would appreciate it if there were more emphasis on teaching the children how to self-feed and encourage them to eat food (we know it is difficult of course). Maybe a system for all the children to have the same food would help. Finally, it would be perfect if Toddler Town can consider providing a pick-up and drop-off service. But all in all, we can thank and definitely make a positive difference in our life.