What Parents Say

As I proudly wave away to my little one who is off for his first day to school, in a little corner of my heart I wish he would be still heading to the sanctuary of Toddler Town, because this was the safest and happiest place for my children for the last four years. Being one of the first Toddler Town parents, I am so content that it is Toddler Town that made a history into my children’s life and albums.

Can you think of 97 questions an anxious mom can have on choosing nursery? I did. And I got them all answered, in writing. Yes, each of the 97 questions answered by Toddler Town at the time of signing up!

To me, this was one of the reassuring facts of the determination and lean ambition of Ms Ziham [Moopen, MD of Toddler Town]: to make Toddler Town the safest and the perfect nursery in town. This determination is felt through all the levels of the nursery establishment: the beautiful and safe set-up, facilities and their management, carefully selected staff, educational programme, toys, material and maintenance—just to mention a few.

I feel that those four years ago, it was Toddler Town that set a new standard for how a good nursery must be and keeps it up, and better.

I wish good luck to Toddler Town in the future. If you are looking for a great nursery, needless to say, I can recommend Toddler Town in a heartbeat.

Jurgita (Louis’s and Amelie’s Mum)