What Parents Say

I have waited a full year and six months before I write this review only because as a parent, I understand that as we leave our kids in the hands of caretakers, how critical it is for us that they are good, reliable and, most importantly, truly kind. I didn’t want this review to be just made after a couple of months of experience.

So my experience with Toddler Town British Nursery has been just pure joy. Right from the transition to nursery, settling in, special days, party days, the concert, to picnic days, to endless mentions of all my lil ones’ classmates, the ‘graduation day’, it’s truly been amazing. When you leave your child in Toddler Town, you really leave them with nurturers, individuals who only want the best for their kids. You truly feel they are extended arms of itself that discuss the good, work on the not-so-good, and develop their personalities amidst fun and learning. My daughter has woken up many, many Fridays, upset that she can’t go to Nursery…

All credits to the staff, the patient teacher, to the Principal, and also to the owner, who herself is so involved in every aspect that her effort amazes me. I am going to miss this place probably as much as my little one [will]!!! It’s been one amazing journey and I only wish the very best for this fabulous team.

Vidya (Anishka’s Mum)

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