Child's Daily Routine

Child’s Daily Routine

It’s natural for parents to be concerned about choosing the right nursery school for their child. After all, this decision plays a vital role in shaping their future. There are many factors that a parent has to consider while making this decision. From the child’s daily routine and nap and meal times to the facilities and support offered by the best nurseries. Here’s a look at key factors a parent should consider before deciding on the right daily routine for nursery class for their child.

There is no ‘Ideal time’ for a nursery session     

Many parents choose to send their kids to nursery early in the morning as they believe this is the best nursery routine for a 1- or 2-year-old. Others are concerned about their kid’s nap time being disrupted. Additionally, parents are also worried about kids skipping meals at school.

While all of these concerns are genuine, there are ways to work around them with the support from teachers and staff. Also, contrary to popular perception there is no outstanding nursery routine, it’s essentially what works for parents and their child.

Moreover, children are active any time of the day, provided they have had their meals, and have got sufficient sleep. This gives children the energy they need to learn and focus on different activities throughout the day, helping them learn faster.


6 Sensible Reasons Why You Should Consider an Afternoon Nursery Session as Part of Your Child’s Daily Routine

In today’s busy world, balancing work and family can be tough. That’s why adding an afternoon nursery session to your child’s daily routine is a smart move. In this article, we’ll explore six great reasons why it’s a sensible choice.


  • Right eating habits can be inculcated in a child’s daily routine

    Some parents are anxious about their child skipping meals. The best nursery schools have qualified staff who are trained to encourage a child to have their meals on time. Teachers are always there to ensure that the kids feel secure and comfortable. Encouraging them to have their meals on time and feeding them whenever necessary. As a result, slowly and gradually, children feel confident enough to have their meals by themselves.

Learning to be responsible for oneself is a key step here. With support from teachers and lots of positive encouragement, children automatically get into the habit of feeding themselves. Parents can also do their bit by looking up preschool nutrition guidelines to understand the nutritional requirements for nursery.

Parents have enough information available to plan a fun child food chart to ensure they meet the nutritional requirements for pre-schoolers.


  • Helps your child adopt a healthy, flexible routine

    While morning nursery sessions are a great option, afternoon nursery sessions can work equally well to teach your kids how to develop a healthy routine. They learn to eat, sleep and wake up on time and use their time fruitfully. Parents can always attempt to introduce a child to a healthy routine with a good balance of learning, activities, sleep, and rest time. A child’s routine is flexible and can change with the right support and encouragement.

  • Teaches your child to be consistent and responsible for themselves

    A healthy daily routine also gives your child an opportunity to be consistent and responsible for themselves. Both of these qualities are vital to your kid’s success.

  • Children learn to take ownership and be accountable

    While planning a routine for your child, it’s essential to involve them and get their input and come to an understanding that works for both sides. When your child feels more involved in the process, he or she is likely to take ownership of what happens in the nursery. He or she also learns an important life lesson of being accountable.

  • Nap times can be shifted

    At times, parents avoid nursery sessions (especially in the afternoon) as they are concerned that their toddler’s nap schedule will clash with the nursery’s time. However, the fact is children can easily shift their nap time with a little support from parents, guardians, and teachers. It generally takes about two to three weeks for a child to make this shift, and the best nurseries have trained their staff to help children ease into this new routine.

This way the child wakes up fresh from a nap, in time for the afternoon nursery session. Parents can also consider introducing preschool nap-time music to ensure their child relaxes and sleeps well. Children initially come from different routines at home where meal and rest times vary. However, once they adapt to the preschool routine, they become more energetic throughout the day. They are keen on exploring new things and this also helps in brain development.


  • Children are more active physically and mentally after their meal and nap in the afternoon

    Properly meeting a child’s basic needs of food and rest for the day makes it easier to engage them in different learning and fun activities. This can result in great learning outcomes.

Child's Daily Routine and Nursery Timings

Nap times in a child’s daily routine can help preschool children learn better leading to brain development

According to the findings of a 2013 study, children who took a nap after hearing a story remembered it better than children who didn’t. The study indicates that naps play a vital role in new learning among infants. According to studies, there’s a connection between naps and brain development and it helps improve language skills.

Child’s Daily Routine and Nursery Timings, while deciding on the best nurseries in Dubai, parents should do their research. Shortlist the top nurseries in Dubai that recognise the importance of routines in early childhood and promote the idea of responsive schedules and routines that support learning. After all, choosing the right nursery and nursery session is key to developing a healthy routine for your child that is right for them.

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